quinta-feira, dezembro 08, 2011

Government and corporation document printing

Government and corporation document printing
It is becoming routine! Again, one graphic design conceived by the Municipality Transport in Rio de Janeiro, developed and produced by the Primi (security print), won the award Pini Graphic Technology of 2011. For those not familiar, this award meets the best graphics of our country, covers a wide mix of technologies and categories, once again the city of Rio de Janeiro / SMTR made ​​beautiful and took the first and second place in the highest podium! Created by ABIGRAF - Brazilian Association of the Printing Industry, ABTG - Brazilian Association of Graphic Technology and SENAI - National Service of Industrial Education, this award was established in 1991 and in 1996 it was recognized by internationally  quality and level of work submitted. In 2001, the contest has been certified by ABNT - ISO 9000, thus ensuring quality and equity in the awards process. In the last contest, our products were selected and were ahead of the "Casa da Moeda"  and others. Staying ahead of the "Casa da Moeda"  that it is a world leader in security printing is good, winning a contest is even better! There were over 1000 participants,  150 jurors, diverse jury and of high technical level. At the time of the trial were analyzed the following items:
Increased complexity in security devices to combat counterfeiting;
Harmony between art, design and technological innovation;
Efficiency of the product to combat fraud;
Technical quality and high level of security devices attached to the product;
In short...it is perfect!
The pieces presented together essential features to make monitoring your identification at work. Without a thorough understanding of trust that are printed by means of any visual and tactile may recognize the validity of the form and in a situation of extreme doubt, parts can be re-examination. Really have to be proud of!
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