sexta-feira, dezembro 24, 2010


Some people are asking me: But then what is your profession? ... In Brazil people are labeled by their academic, vocational technical course I did at the SENAI - Graphic Arts (high school), did graduate-level Bachelor of Communication in UFF,  I tryout for Visual Communication - UFRJ, worked in advertising agency, worked in design studios, did post-graduate in Information Technology - UFF, worked in design for environments, etc. ... I mean, I survived! Every time I showed up an opportunity, even when I had no knowledge of the subject I presented, studied and performed the work, I think the designer, these days, which only makes one kind of work he is doomed to defeat, I believe he must be expert in a particular job but must always be open to any possibility. I specialize in creating same branding and how it envelops everything, do a little of everything.
Hug for everyone
Merry Christmas to all!
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