quinta-feira, dezembro 23, 2010

Branding (Testing my English, it is reasonable?)

At the same time you're developing your logo, start thinking in typography institutional, family letters, the type that will compose and accompany your project and give preferably be possible if the typology bastinado sans serif or serif if you prefer, but choose a family that has a good read, or even if you have patience, if the project and deserve compensation, create a family for her own graphic design, always think to make the most of your final paper. Never forget that serif letters are good for reading longer texts, books, magazines by the fact that they provide continuity for serif ... seem that the alphabet are holding hands.Currently, I have seen many graphic designs that you see that the creator has no sensitivity, no art, whatever! I stand the test of specific skill for anyone entering college to be a designer or art director or any career that deals with this blend of art, technology and creativity. I've seen a lot of crap out there, but, thank God ... a lot of good too. Today the designer has a tool that facilitates their work and a lot: COMPUTER, graphics software that there are only speaking and working with system WYSWYG, "What You See Is What You Get", which translates refers to something like "What you see is what you get. " But what does this mean? It means the ability of a computer program to allow a document, an image, an illustration, while manipulated on the screen looks the same from its use, usually very close to being considered artefinal the printed form. The initial use of the term was related to text editors, but is now applied to any type of program (look at wikipedia), but also because I have seen this very clipart or rendering existing art or copies thereof, that the "TALENT" thinks he knows everything because he did not design something cute on your PC but do not have any technique. People give much value to the look without worrying about technique, the cost of production, handling, and especially if the project will achieve its objectives.When did Masters in Information Technology I specialized in Internet, I did the course "finding myself" I thought it was a Web Designer course of long-term ... I broke my face was pure programming + Web Designer and detail: We could not use for Web Editors (Dreamweaver, Front Page, Homesite, etc.), it was the wrist or even Notepad, but I suffered was good, went out with a new impression on Web(Continued)
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